Joseph Peller

Dragonfly Studios
Painter Sculptor Printmaker Artist


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Painting entitled Circe and her Lovers by Joseph Peller
Circe and her Lovers   oil on linen
88 x 42 inches

Regular Session September 2024
Two Evenings a week,    Wednesday and Thursday: 7:00pm to 10:15pm

Capturing Light and Life

Atelier studio class working from the live model

Joseph Peller’s studio classes and summer cityscape class concentrate on capturing the color of light and life in compositions that nurture the student’s individual point of view with a sense of confident awareness and expression. Through individual and group demonstrations Mr. Peller develops a student’s technique and vision to solve the problems of working from life, using the live model as a point of departure. While oil painting approaches are emphasized students are welcome to use any medium of their choice to explore the fundamentals of color and tone. Aspects of drawing, composition and paint handling will receive special attention. Students will be encouraged to develop their own ideas outside of class to inform their vision with craft and take advantage of their own artistic temperaments. Historical precedents and artists will be referenced wherever and whenever possible.

painting, Liner Leviathan, Queen Mary II Leaving New York, by Joseph Peller
Liner Leviathan, Queen Mary II Leaving New York
oil on linen
32 X 58 inches / 81 X 147 cm.

Starting June 3, 2024
Full day class meeting in person rain or shine    Tuesday and Wednesday 1 PM to 7PM

Painting City Light and Life

An In Person Plein Air Class

This course will address the many demands of painting on location in the city. Special attention will be given to observing and interpreting the effects of outdoor light using the rich complexly of New York City’s streets and public spaces as a point of departure. Students will be encouraged to distill their own compositions from the dense matrix of people and infrastructure that shape the city’s unique visual character. The class will meet at various sites around Manhattan and Brooklyn each with its own particular problems and challenges. Working 'in situ' students will explore how composition, color, tone and form are affected by the vagaries of outdoor light. Aspects of drawing and paint handling will also receive attention. While working in oil is recommended students will be welcome to use mediums of their choice.

Bio from the Art Students League

Joseph Peller’s paintings, works on paper and sculpture and explore the haunting notions of isolation and ambivalence of individuals caught in the unnoticed rituals of modern life. He enjoys experimenting with a wide range of pure and mixed techniques involving oil, pastel, various printmaking procedures, drawing and sculpture.

The artist has been honored with solo exhibitions in New York and Toronto and has participated in group exhibitions in the United States, Canada and Europe. Mr. Peller’s work has received recognition in national exhibitions and mention in the New York Times, Newsday, The Wall Street Journal and American Artist magazine. He is the recipient of the Alden Bryan Memorial Award, the Dr. David Soloway Memorial award and the National Sculpture Society award.

Joseph Peller traces his artistic lineage to the distinguished American painters Charles W. Hawthorne and George Bellows who were the teachers of his mentor, Canadian artist, A. K. Scott. During formal study at the School of Architecture at the University of Toronto, he worked with Canadian painters Kenneth Forbes and Cleve Horne. His development continued in New York with noted artists Thomas Fogarty and Hilary Holmes at the Art Students League, and Ron Sherr at the National Academy of Design. In 1985 he received a Revson Foundation Grant from the Art Students League of New York.

Joseph Peller’s work — represented by ACA Galleries in New York and Roberts Gallery in Toronto — can be found in public, corporate and private collections in the United States, Canada and Europe. Mr. Peller works out of his Brooklyn Navy Yard studio on the East River waterfront of New York.

For registration and information please contact The Art Students League of New York (212) 247-4510